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D. Gray Thomas is Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Appellate Practice and is a legal expert in handling appeals.  To obtain this designation, Mr. Thomas was required to meet rigorous standards and requirements of experience, peer review and examination.  He is one of only 6 attorneys in the Jacksonville area who are Board Certified in appellate law.  Less than 0.2% of the lawyers in Florida hold  this certification.


Mr. Thomas handles appeals in a wide variety of cases in both state and federal courts.  He represents individuals and organizations in appeals in civil, criminal, family law, worker’s compensation, employment and administrative cases.


The time to appeal a judgment or order is limited, and if you do not meet the deadline, you may lose your right to challenge the outcome forever.  Also, since you generally have only one chance to appeal, you should act promptly to have the best possible chance for obtaining a successful outcome.


Successful appeals result in outcomes including:

New trials

Dismissal of cases

Reversal of judgments

Reversal of criminal convictions

Reduced sentences in criminal cases

Reduced or modified money awards

Increased or decreased alimony or child support

Modifications of child custody and visitation (time-sharing) orders

Reinstatement of professional licenses


Hiring a Florida Board Certified Appellate Attorney with the highest level of experience as well as written and oral advocacy skills can help give you the best chance for success in your appeal.                                           

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